Galerie Thomas Fischer awarded the VBKI-Preis BERLINER GALERIEN 2022

Sebastian Stumpf (Künstler), Jurymitglied Marcus Woeller, Galerist und VBKI-Preisträger 2022 Thomas Fischer (Galerie Thomas Fischer), Caroline Wong (Künstlerin), Galeristin Heike Tosun, Galerist Werner Tammen (lvbg-Präsident), Galeristin Anne Schwanz (Galerie Office Impart), Galeristin Johanna Neuschäffer (Galerie Office Impart), Anna Ehrenstein (Künstlerin), VBKI-Geschäftsführerin Claudia Große-Leege, Michael Biel (Berliner Staatssekretär für Wirtschaft, Energie und Betriebe), Galeristin Nana Poll (Vorstand lvbg) und Galerist Andreas Herrmann (Vorstand lvbg).

Galerie Thomas Fischer is the happy winner of the VBKI-Preis BERLINER GALERIEN 2022.

The 10,000-euro prize was awarded to honor the exhibition Îles sans nom by Sebastian Stumpf. Galerie Thomas Fischer and the other nominees for the prize, the galleries Soy Capitán and Office Impart, were selected in mid-July by an expert jury for this year’s shortlist.
The prize is awarded by the Verein Berliner Kaufleute und Industrieller (VBKI) together with Landesverband Berliner Galerien (lvbg) for an especially important exhibition during Berlin Art Week and for the gallery’s general program.

We have extended the Sebastian Stumpf exhibition, now on view until Saturday, 1 October.

Brian O’Doherty – Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

Brian O'Doherty, Duchamp Boxed, 1968, Electrocardiographic Tracing, Cardboard Box, 3 x 10 x 5,5 cm

Curated by Roman Kurzmeyer, the exhibition Brian O’Doherty – Phases of the Self focuses on the work of the Irish-American artist, art critic and writer Brian O’Doherty.
The show centres on his open self-image and role perception as an individual and as an artist, which he developed in a dialogue with contemporary artists. O’Doherty assumed different roles, working under various pseudonyms in order to broaden his field of action. On view is a selection of his early conceptual artworks along with books and magazines from his work as an art critic and writer. It was O’Doherty who coined the term ‘white cube’ to describe that supposedly neutral gallery or museum space that emerged before his eyes in New York.
In dialogue with works from the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein collection, the exhibition aims to show how O’Doherty’s oeuvre is embedded in and reflects and comments on the artistic, art critical and literary practices of our times. Further information.

The opening reception will be held on Thursday, 1 September 2022 at 6 pm. The exhibtion can be seen at Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein until 15 January 2023.

Galerie Thomas Fischer nominated for VBKI-Preis

Photo: Omri Livne

The three Berlin galleries Galerie Thomas Fischer, Office Impart, and Soy Capitán have been nominated for the VBKI-Preis 2022. The prize is awarded by the Verein Berliner Kaufleute und Industrieller (VBKI) together with Landesverband Berliner Galerien (lvbg) for an especially important exhibition during Berlin Art Week and for the gallery’s general program. Galerie Thomas Fischer will be presenting the exhibition Îles sans nom by Sebastian Stumpf, opening on 19 August. The prizewinning gallery will be announced at an award ceremony in the framework of Berlin Art Week.

Noi Fuhrer joins the gallery

Noi Fuhrer, Photo: Itay Marom

We are pleased to announce that Noi Fuhrer has joined us at Galerie Thomas Fischer.
Using a unique approach to the medium of charcoal on paper, the Berlin-based artist, born in Tel Aviv in 1987, creates large scale drawings that have a haunting presence, simultaneously sculptural and phantasmagoric. Unraveling a peculiarity within everyday moments, the scenes depicted spark a sense of narrative while drawing attention to their own glowing physicality. Noi Fuhrer studied at London’s Goldsmiths and Hamburg’s Hochschule für bildende Künste.

Irmel Kamp – Museum für Photographie Braunschweig

Irmel Kamp, Tel Aviv (House Manoach - Nissimov), 1989, Gelatin silver print, Baryta paper, 60 x 50 cm

In an extensive survey of her work since 1978, Museum für Photographie Braunschweig presents Irmel Kamp’s photography in an exhibition on view from 25 June to 18 September 2022.

To mark the exhibition, Verlag der Buchhandlung Franz und Walther König is publishing a catalogue with essays by Bettina Brosowsky, Tatjana Schneider, and Andreas Prinzing, along with a conversation with Irmel Kamp and curators Barbara Hofmann-Johnson (director, Museum für Photographie Braunschweig) and Markus Mascher (curator, assistant director, Leopold-Hoesch-Museum, Düren).
Further information.

Joachim Bandau – Museum Brandhorst, Munich

The exhibition “Future Bodies from a Recent Past — Sculpture, Technology, and the Body since the 1950s” at Museum Brandhorst in Munich features early sculptures by Joachim Bandau.
The exhibition, curated by Patrizia Dander with Franziska Linhardt, brings to life a hitherto little-noticed phenomenon in art, and more particularly in sculpture: the reciprocal interpenetration of body and technology. With more than 100 works and several large-scale installations by 58 artists—primarily from Europe, the United States, and Japan—the exhibition focuses on the major technological changes since World War II and their influence on our ideas of the body.
Further information.

Margrét H. Blöndal – National Gallery of Iceland

Margrét H. Blöndal, Untitled, 2022, Pigment, watercolor and oil on paper, 35 x 25 cm

Liðamót/Ode to Join is the title of Margrét H. Blöndal’s solo show at the National Gallery of Iceland in Reykjavík. The exhibition comprises on the one hand drawings made with oil and powdered pigments, and on the other three-dimensional pieces to be made directly into the the exhibition venue as a response to the space. The Icelandic title Liðamót is a reference to the fact that where three or more joints come together, movement results. In Margrét’s works, movement arises from partitions to be installed in the space, the placement of the works and the relationship between them. On the other hand, the English part of the title, Ode to Join, is an ode to connections, where each sculpture or drawing becomes one element of a polyphonic music composition.
The exhibition can be seen until 2 October 2022.
Further information.

Zora Kreuzer & Marcel Frey – Signs of the Times

Zora Kreuzer & Marcel Frey, Signs of the Times, H&M Mitte Garten, Installation view, Photo: Torben Hoeke

“Signs of the Times” is a location-based art installation by Zora Kreuzer and Marcel Frey for H&M Mitte Garten. The exhibition can be seen until the end of June.
Kreuzer and Frey also designed prints for a limited collection of unisex t-shirts and hoodies only available at H&M Mitte Garten.

Art Düsseldorf 2022

Galerie Thomas Fischer is pleased to join Daniel Marzona in participating at Art Düsseldorf 2022, which will be held from 8–10 April at Areal Böhler. Further information.

Seiichi Furuya – New Book

In 2018, Seiichi Furuya found several rolls of Super 8 film in his attic. One of them was filmed during the very first trip he took with his later wife Christine a few weeks after they had met, a visit to Bologna in 1978. In an attempt to remember a trip that he had completely forgotten about, Seiichi Furuya started extracting stills from the film, frame by frame. These images make up his new series “First Trip to Bologna 1978”. In this new book, a newly edited version of “Last Trip to Venice 1985” (2002) is being published alongside the new series. Further information.

Seiichi Furuya
First Trip to Bologna 1978/Last Trip to Venice 1985
Published by Chose Commune
Softcover otabind
16.5 x 24.4 cm
192 pages, 122 film stills, 39 photographs
ISBN 979-10-96383-29-0

SUNDAY OPEN – 13 March 2022

Joachim Bandau, Yellow Watercolor, 2006, Watercolor, 166 x 116 cm

On Sunday, 13 March, the gallery will be open from 12–6 pm for SUNDAY OPEN.

The current exhibition at Mulackstraße 14 in Berlin-Mitte features works by Joachim Bandau, Margrét H. Blöndal, Irmel Kamp, and Federico Maddalozzo. Further information.

Friedemann Heckel – New Book

Friedemann Heckel, Konversationen, 2021, edited by Galerie Thomas Fischer, published by Edition Taube, 168 pages, Edition of 250, ISBN 978-3-945900-53-6, EUR 32

Friedemann Heckel’s new publication is entitled “Konversationen” (Conversations). It consists of 75 drawings created since the start of 2020. The conversations take place both between the bodies, gazes, and gestures of the figures that Heckel invents and from page to page. Further information.


Friedemann Heckel
Edited by Galerie Thomas Fischer
Published by Edition Taube
168 pages
Edition of 250
ISBN 978-3-945900-53-6
EUR 32

You can order the book here.

Seiichi Furuya & Christine Gössler on the List of MoMA’s Favorite Photobooks, 2021

New York’s Museum of Modern Art launched a new yearly celebration of the photobook and published a list of their ten favorite photobooks in 2021: on the list, “Face to Face” by Seiichi Furuya and Christine Gössler.
“This volume brings together 150 photographs, arranged in pairs. In addition to the first story, we now find a complex narrative of a relationship that traveled to multiple cities and grew to include the birth of a child (in 1981); a relationship that had more than one protagonist”, writes Lucy Gallun (associate curator, Department of Photography, MoMA).
Further information.

Art Antwerp 2021

We are happy to be part of Art Antwerp this December. The first edition of Art Antwerp, presenting 59 galleries from Belgium and its bordering countries, will take place from 16–19 December 2021 at Antwerp Expo. Further information.

Seiichi Furuya – Interview

Seiichi Furuya, Graz 1979

“A Japanese Photographer’s Bittersweet Archive of His Late Wife” is the headline of an extensive interview with Seiichi Furuya in The Photobook Review. Furuya speaks with Yasufumi Nakamori (senior curator of international art [photography], Tate Modern) about his new book “Face to Face” and about his work in general.
Read the full article here.

The interview originally was published in Issue 019 of The PhotoBook Review.

Sebastian Stumpf – New Book

Sebastian Stumpf, NEBENAN, Steidl, Göttingen, 2021

In the summer of 2021, Kunsthaus Göttingen opened on Düstere Straße in the midst of the dense, historical city center. Sebastian Stumpf explores this structure and its immediate surroundings in his new book NEBENAN. With a fine sense for architectural constellations and a view of everyday details, he lets the art space of the museum enter into dialogue with the surrounding urban environment.

In these photographs, we look at the new building from the windows of the nearby apartments and businesses and from the still empty spaces of the Kunsthaus at what lies opposite. With diverse changes of direction and perspective between public and private spaces, NEBENAN thus investigates the urban symbiosis of half-timbered architecture and concrete, history and modernity. In each image in the 34-part series he shows another facet of this neighborhood, or as Lina Morawetz puts it in her contribution: “Each angle defines a view, the look outward forms the insight, the perspective desire, the wish.”

Further information.

12-18 September – Good To Talk

Good To Talk is talking about art — in the form of lectures, panel discussions, monologues, debates, spoken or sung, informative or performative. The festival offers a platform for communicating art outside established structures and focuses on the question of the future of art mediation. Good To Talk 2021 is part of Berlin Art Week.
Find program here.

Joachim Bandau – New publication is out now.

Kunsthalle Basel has just released the richly illustrated catalog “Unbecoming Forms: Works 1967–1974”, featuring extensive historic material and several newly commissioned contributions by Joachim Bandau, Alexandra Bircken, Elena Filipovic, Martin Herbert, and Renate Wagner, available in German and English. You can order the book here.

Sebastian Stumpf – Seven Palms – English edition out now

Francis Nenik & Sebastian Stumpf, Seven Palms. The Thomas Mann House in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, published by Spector Books, designed by Ina Kwon, Leipzig April, 2021

The English edition of “Seven Palms. The Thomas Mann House in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles” is out now.

The book of photos and texts is dedicated to the Thomas Mann House in Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles. Francis Nenik’s essay offers the first detailed description of the history of the house in which Thomas Mann lived with his family from 1942 to 1952 during his period of exile in the U.S. Basing his work on extensive archival research, Nenik not only recounts episodes from the family’s life but also introduces characters who have hitherto been largely unknown—the people who built the house and worked in it. Their experiences, some of them extremely colourful, create the panorama against which the story of the house unfolds.

Sebastian Stumpf’s photographs act as a counterpoint to this. In January 2017 he gained access to the vacant property, which had recently been bought by the German government, and captured it in its inbetween state in a series of distinctive pictures. They show a deserted house that has morphed and grown in on itself, leaving precious little to suggest that the Mann family had once lived there. Further information.

Francis Nenik & Sebastian Stumpf
Seven Palms. The Thomas Mann House in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles
320 pp.
Published by Spector Books
Designed by Ina Kwon
Leipzig April, 2021
ISBN: 9783959053358
EUR 28,-

You can order the book here.

Sebastian Stumpf – Kunsthaus Göttingen

Sebastian Stumpf, Neue Räume, 2021, Kunsthaus Göttingen, Video still

Kunsthaus Göttingen, a new exhibition space for works on paper, photography, and the new media, opens today.
Sebastian Stumpf accompanied the building of Kunsthaus Göttingen from an artistic perspective and created a video work about the process. The work will be shown at the opening and will be on view during the entire first year of exhibitions. Further information.

Watch a preview of the video here.

Sebastian Stumpf – Film

The exhibition “with/against the flow” features works by Sebastian Stumpf and Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs. The show is now on view at OCAT Shanghai until 20 June 2021. To mark the exhibition Sebastian Stumpf speaks about his work in a video produced by ifa. You can watch the video here.

Dirk Braeckman – Film

To mark Dirk Braeckman’s current exhibition “FERNWEH” at Zeno X Gallery in Antwerp, Dirk Braeckman speaks about his work in a film by Griet Teck. Watch the full video here.

Joachim Bandau – Film

Don’t miss this film on YouTube in which Joachim Bandau talks about his sculptures (in German) currently on view at Kunsthall Basel. You can watch the film here.

Joachim Bandau – Kunsthalle Basel

At once technoid and bodily, minimal and monstrous, the early sculptural works by Joachim Bandau (*1936) remain as strange and singular today as when he first made them. An overview of the German artist’s sculptures and related drawings from the period 1967–1974 will be on view at Kunsthalle Basel.
The exhibtion can be seen until 6 June 2021. Further information.
Photo: Philipp Hänger/Kunsthalle Basel

Seiichi Furuya – The New Yorker

Seiichi Furuya’s new book “Face to Face” has been reviewed by The New Yorker. Rumaan Alam writes about “a photographer, seen through the eyes of his late wife”. Read the article here.

Seiichi Furuya – New Book

Seiichi Furuya & Christine Gössler
Face to Face

Publisher: Chose Commune
Editorial direction: Cécile Poimboeuf-Koizumi
Hardcover (bodonian binding)
20,5 x 25,5 cm
150 photographs
168 pages
ISBN : 979-10-96383-19-1

Flip through the book here.
And read more here.

Margrét H. Blöndal – Fingrabjarg ∼ A Bundle of Birthmarks

The multiple consists of a box containing 21 offset printed photographs and texts on individual sheets of uncoated paper, some folded, some double sided, some on heavier stock of paper. The sheets can stand on the table, lean up to the wall or be rearranged as desired.
Each box is numbered and signed by the artist.

Margrét H. Blöndal
Fingrabjarg ~ A Bundle of Birthmarks, 2020
offset, printed on uncoated paper
Box: 30 x 24 x 3 cm
14 pages in various dimension
Edition of 75
€ 475,00 incl. Vat

Find more images here.

You can order the multiple here.

Friedemann Heckel X H&M Mitte Garten – PLANT THOUGHTS

Photo: Torben Höke

For H&M Mitte Garten, Friedemann Heckel developed a specific art project, that mirrors the concept of the store and includes its customers and community in the creation process. For the duration of a month he had installed custom-made notepads as part of the store´s visual merchandise. Visitors were invited to leave their notes, thoughts, scribbles, doodles and ideas around plants, gardens and possible shapes of thoughts. Friedemann Heckel collected those traces and transformed them into five large scale drawings on silk. Additionally, he designed prints for a limited merchandise collection of T-Shirts and Sweatshirts, available only at Mitte Garten.
The art works and the collection will be on display in the store from 4 to 19 September 2020 at Neue Schönhauser Straße 13, in Berlin-Mitte. Further information.

SUNDAY OPEN organized by INDEX

Irmel Kamp, Henri-Chapelle Richtung Battice, 1978, Gelatin silver print, 33 x 40 cm

On Sunday, May 24, 11 am – 5 pm, Berlin Galleries open their doors.

Many art lovers are currently hardly able to view gallery exhibitions at their leisure during the week, for the well-known reasons, such as home office and home schooling. The initiative SUNDAY OPEN has been launched, in order to improve this situation and to create an exchange. The Berlin art public is invited to visit galleries once a month during a rather relaxed Sunday in summer, and to engage with and about art with others again after a long time.

For this first edition of SUNDAY OPEN on May 24, 42 galleries in Kreuzberg, Mitte, Tiergarten and Charlottenburg will open their doors from 11 am to 5 pm.

Galerie Thomas Fischer is presenting Irmel Kamp’s exhibition “Zink” at Soy Capitán. The exhibition is on view at Soy Capitán, Prinzessinnenstrasse 29 in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Further information.

Dirk Braeckman – KINDL Berlin

Anna Barriball and Dirk Braeckman, Installation view Maschinenhaus M1, KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art, Berlin, Photo: Jens Ziehe, 2020

Photographs by Dirk Braeckman will be featured in a shared exhibition with Anna Barriball at KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art which is eventually open to the public now. In this double show curator Eva Eicker brings together new and recent work by two artists whose practice is deeply embedded in process and working with the surface and tactile qualities of paper. The exhibition will be on view until 5 July 2020. Further information.

Irmel Kamp – Show extended until 30 May 2020

Irmel Kamp, St. Jean Sart, 1978, Gelatin silver print, 33 x 40 cm

Irmel Kamp’s exhibition will reopen 23 April and run until 30 May 2020. The exhibition is on view at Soy Capitán, Prinzessinnenstrasse 29 in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The gallery will be open Thursday to Saturday, 2–6 pm, and by appointment. For appointments please get in touch with us by email or call +49 30 74 78 03 85.

Irmel Kamp – IKOB, Eupen, Belgium

Irmel Kamp’s work will be featured in the solo exhibition „Brussels and Tel Aviv“ at IKOB – Museum for Contemporary Art. The museum is the first one to present a retrospective with regard to Irmel Kamp. The opening reception will be held on Sunday, 2 February 2020, 5 pm. The exhibition can be seen until 19 April 2020. Further information.

BRF previewed the exhibition by Irmel Kamp. Click for photos and a video here.

View or download Le Bulletin No. 12: Irmel Kamp – BRUSSELS AND TEL AVIV.

Seiichi Furuya – Artist Talk at Mitte Museum, Berlin

On the occasion of the current exhibition at Mitte Museum “Wer wir sind und was wir tun – mitten im Museum” Seiichi Furuya will be joining us for a conversation with art critic and editor of art magazine “von hundert” Barbara Buchmaier and curator Susanne Weiss. The conversation will focus on the period when Seiichi Furuya lived in the GDR and the role that photography plays in visualizing and organizing memory. The talk will be held in German. Further information.

Tuesday, 17 December 2019, 6pm
Mitte Museum
Pankstraße 47, 13357 Berlin

Brian O’Doherty – Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven

Currently the Van Abbemuseum is presenting a small retrospective exhibition of the work of artist and writer Brian O’Doherty, also known under the pseudonym Patrick Ireland. The exhibition shows artworks and publications, attesting to his coherent, yet multi-disciplinary practice. The exhibition is curated by Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes, who recently edited the book “Brian O’Doherty/Patrick Ireland: Word, Image and Institutional Critique”. The exhibition is on view until 2 February 2020. Further information.

Good To Talk – Saturday, 28 September 2019, 12-24h – Kantine Am Berghain, Berlin

We cordially invite you to the second edition of Good To Talk.

Find the full program here.

Good To Talk is a talk-festival about art – in the form of lectures, panel discussions, monologues, debates, spoken or sung, informative or performative. The festival offers a platform for communicating art outside established structures and focuses on the question of the future of art mediation. Furthermore, Good To Talk also allows people – whether they are familiar with the Berlin art scene or not – to gain first-hand insights into the art world from gallery owners, artists and others.

Seiichi Furuya awarded Austrian State Prize for Artistic Photography

Seiichi Furuya has been awarded the Austrian State Prize for Artistic Photography. The award, which has been given at irregular intervals since 1991, includes a monetary prize of 25,000 euros and is presented to an artist for an especially outstanding life’s work of national and international importance.
The three-member jury — Monika Faber, Walter Moser and Urs Stahel — explains: “Seiichi Furuya is one of a generation of Austrian auteur photographers that beginning in the 1970s developed impulses for the development of photography that had an impact domestically and beyond the country’s borders. In his frequent travels in Europe and Japan, Furuya created photographs that combine documentary strategies with autobiographical subjects in a unique way.” Read more.

Book launch – Brian O’Doherty/Mary Josephson, A Mental Masquerade, 8 July 2019, Café Bravo

A Mental Masquerade, Mary Josephson's collected writings. Thomas Fischer & Astrid Mania (eds.), Book launch 8 July, 7-9 pm at Café Bravo

New Book out now!

Astrid Mania and Thomas Fischer are happy to announce the book launch for “A Mental Masquerade”. Please join us to celebrate on 8 July at Café Bravo.

Monday, 8 July 2019, 7-9 pm
Café Bravo
KW Institute for Contemporary Art
Auguststraße 69
10117 Berlin

“A Mental Masquerade” gathers work by art critic Mary Josephson, most of it written between 1971 and 1973.

Mary Josephson does not exist. She is one of the many alter egos of notorious artist and theorist Brian O’Doherty, looking to liberate himself from the intellectual constraints of malehood and the social constraints of the art world. Josephson was a brilliant observer, a witty and fearless writer. Her reviews shed a light on New York’s art scene in 1970s.

Brian O’Doherty: “Mary’s birth was a matter of utmost seriousness for me, and not a game or mere playfulness. Impersonations have an urgency and an esthetic, which brings one into issues of masking and the mask. I want to avoid pretentiousness here; the motive force is ultimately the familiar oddity of oneself as “the other”, a stage which I believe is very common in any reasonably sensitive person’s life. Astrid Mania shows amazing insight into the implications – gender and otherwise – of Mary’s strange but quite convincing presence. Mary still has a role in my inner life, fidgeting around restlessly in a remote zone where one’s gender is more or less fluid, a sweet trace of one’s uncertain adolescent self.”

A Mental Masquerade
When Brian O’Doherty was a female art critic: Mary Josephson’s collected writings
Edited by Thomas Fischer & Astrid Mania
Published by Spector Books
Designer: Saira Hussain, Julia Guther, Studio Workshop

This publication was made possible with the support of the Schuermann Foundation.

You can order the book here.

Sebastian Stumpf – Marta Herford

The exhibition “Stance & Fall. A Wavering World” at Marta Herford features works
by Sebastian Stumpf. The exhibition can be seen until 6 October 2019. Further information.

Seiichi Furuya – Museum Villa Stuck in Munich

Museum Villa Stuck will be presenting an installation with slide projections by Seiichi Furuya including works from his series “Mémoires” in the exhibition “Von Ferne. Bilder zur DDR”.
The exhibition can be seen until 15 September 2019. Further information.

Irmel Kamp – Düsseldorf & Braunschweig

Irmel Kamp, Dessau, 2006, Gelatin silver print, 60 x 50 cm

Irmel Kamp’s works are currently on display at Düsseldorf’s Haus der Architekten. Irmel Kamp will present a selection from her most substantial body of work: “Modern Architecture in Tel-Aviv 1930–1939,” realized by Kamp between 1987 and 1993, and several works made last year when she returned to the city. Further information.

The exhibition “Visions of Modernism Today” at Museum für Photographie Braunschweig features works by Irmel Kamp. The exhibition can be seen until 30 June 2019. Further information.

Sebastian Stumpf – Berlinische Galerie

Sebastian Stumpf, Puddles, 2013, Video projection, 10:09, loop

Berlinische Galerie will be presenting three video projections by Sebastian Stumpf in IBB Videoraum from 6 February to 4 March 2019. Further information.

Dirk Braeckman – The Modern, Fort Worth, Texas

Dirk Braeckman, V.B.-C.N.-11, Gelatin silver print, 180 × 120 cm

The Fort Worth Modern Art Museum will be presenting Dirk Braeckman in a solo exhibition from 26 January to 17 March 2019. Further information.

Irmel Kamp – WDR

Irmel Kamp, Tel Aviv (House Levy), 1989, Gelatin silver print, Baryta paper, 50 x 60 cm

Irmel Kamp revised her extensive series on Tel Aviv’s modern architecture from the 1920s and 30s. Departing from the original series from 1988 the artist visited Tel Aviv for one month to document the same architecture thirty years later. In an interview by WDR, Irmel Kamp elaborates on the remake of the series, following the artist through Tel Aviv. Watch the full-length video here.

Sebastian Stumpf – Mies van der Rohe Haus

Sebastian Stumpf, Transitions #3 (Haus Lemke), 2018, Video projection, 12:43, loop (still)

For his exhibition “STILL” at the Mies van der Rohe Haus Sebastian Stumpf has realized a new site-specific video projection. The show can be seen from 30 September to 16 December 2018. The opening reception will be held on Sunday, 30 September 2018, at 2pm. Further information.

“I dreamed…” reviewed in Welt am Sonntag

I dreamed I was leaving on a trip but I forgot my money – with works from the private collection of Kasper König, Installation view, Photo: Torben Höke, Courtesy Galerie Thomas Fischer

“I dreamed I was leaving on a trip but I forgot my money” with works from the private collection of Kasper König has been reviewed by Hans-Joachim Müller for Welt am Sonntag (18 Feb 2018). Read more.

Seiichi Furuya – Center for Art and Urban Space

Seiichi Furuya, Berlin-Ost 1985, C-Print, 45 x 64 cm

The exhibition „Shifting Perspectives“ at the Center for Art and Urban Space Schloss Biesdorf features works by Seiichi Furuya. The show can be seen from 21 October 2017 to 8 April 2018. The opening reception will be held on Friday, 20 October 2017, 7 pm. Further information.

Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie – Dirk Braeckman & Sebastian Stumpf

Sebastian Stumpf, Treppe (Stairs), 2017, Video projection, Loop, Copyright Sebastian Stumpf, Courtesy Galerie Thomas Fischer

The “Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie” features works by Dirk Braeckman and Sebastian Stumpf. Entitled „Farewell Photography“, several exhibitions in Mannheim, Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg will address the major upheavals and changes in contemporary image culture. Further information.

Good to talk – 46 hours in conversation

Good to talk – 46 hours in conversation

Kantine am Berghain, 8-10 September 2017

– Review the program here –

“Good to talk – 46 hours in conversation” is a program of talks and other word-based formats on art. For 46 hours non-stop, “Good to talk” will explore the spoken word in a variety of modes of expression, soliloquy or argument, spoken or sung, informative or performative. Talks, lectures, and panel discussions will be complemented by performances, musical acts, and the occasional dance or audience participation session. 
Initiated by a group of Berlin-based galleries, the program will address current issues in art and bring together international art-world dwellers with politicians, scientists, and art-world outsiders to facilitate unusual encounters, surprising perspectives, and fresh food for thought. The nonstop and varied program agenda invites visitors to come and go at any given time and stay as long as they please. Further information.

Joachim Bandau – Kunsthalle Basel

Installation view Ungestalt, Kunsthalle Basel, 2017. Photo: Philipp Hänger

The exhibition „Ungestalt“ at Kunsthalle Basel features works by Joachim Bandau from the 1960s and 1970s. The show can be seen from 19 May to 13 August 2017. Further information.

Dirk Braeckman – 57th Venice Biennale

Dirk Braeckman, H.M.-D.B.-17, 120 x 80 cm

Dirk Braeckman’s exhibition for the Belgian Pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale can be seen from 13 May to 11 November 2017. Further information.

Sebastian Stumpf – Seven Palms

Sebastian Stumpf photographed the Thomas Mann House following his fellowship at Villa Aurora, Pacific Palisades, California. The house was designed for Thomas Mann by Julius Ralph Davidson in 1941. He lived there with his family during his American exile from 1942 to 1952. The pictures were taken in January 2017, a few weeks after the purchase of the property by the Federal Republic of Germany.

The portfolio “Seven Palms” contains 12 photographs and a reproduction of a text from the estate of the architect Julius Ralph Davidson.

Seiichi Furuya – New Book

Seiichi Furuya’s Dresden photographs from 1984 are a most unlikely document — a view of daily life in the latter days of the GDR recorded by a Japanese photographer. Furuya came to Dresden as an interpreter for a Japanese construction company. His pictures are private – a young family in an intimate setting, their deep-seated anxieties and moments of happiness — and it is more in passing that he records everyday life and society. His view from the outside, a stranger’s way of seeing things, has no equivalent in the art photography of the GDR. In 2015 an exhibition project brought Furuya back to Dresden, where he took a series of new pictures: photographs of familiar places, onto which capitalist life has now inscribed itself, thirty years on, and of the Pegida demonstrations that have completely transformed the image of the city.

“Why Dresden” was designed by Helmut Völter and published by Spector Books, Leipzig, with a text by Manfred Wiemer. The book has been reviewed by Silke Hohmann for Monopol magazine (02/2017). Read more.

A book presentation will be held on 12 April 2017 at Kunsthaus Dresden at 7pm. Seiichi Furuya will be present. Further information.

Margrét H. Blöndal – Turner Contemporary

Margrét H. Blöndal’s work is on view until 7 May 2017 in the exhibition “Entangled: Threads & Making“ at the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate. Further information.

Sebastian Stumpf – Krupp Foundation prize for Contemporary German Photography 2016

Sebastian Stumpf, Puddles, 2013, Video projection, 10:09, loop

The Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Foundation has chosen Sebastian Stumpf as the 2016 recipient of its renowned prize for Contemporary German Photography 2016. Further information.

Joachim Bandau – Flash Art International

The current show of works by Joachim Bandau has been reviewed by Louisa Elderton for Flash Art International. Read more here.

Kasper Andreasen, Louis Lüthi – The Preparator

Louis Luethi, Kasper Andreasen - The Preparator, Roma Publications, 76 p, ills colour & bw, 16 x 20 cm, pb, English

Book launch and exhibition, Friday 28 October 2016, 19h

“The Preparator”, a collaboration between Kasper Andreasen and Louis Lüthi, takes as its starting point the painter Alexander Cozens’ publication “A New Method of Assisting the Invention in Drawing Original Compositions of Landscape” (1785). Set one morning in an empty gallery and told from the point of view of a man who installs exhibitions for a living, “The Preparator” combines text and image in a series of compact, associative tableaus, each revolving around a landscape: a title page, an eighteenth-century ink drawing, the network of cracks in a ceiling, a walk along the Rhine, a satellite photograph, Thomas Bernhard holding forth in a private garden, and others (Roma Publications).

The book launch is accompanied by an exhibition by Kasper Andreasen in the gallery’s corridor through 3 December 2016. Further information.

Seiichi Furuya – viennacontemporary 2016

Seiichi Furuya - Solo Expanded, viennacontemporary 2016

The gallery will show works by Seiichi Furuya at viennacontemporary 2016. The presentation is part of Solo Expanded, a new section at the fair Curated by Abaseh MirvaliCurated by Abaseh Micurated by Abaseh Mirvali. Further information.
A special presentation of film and video works, curated by Olaf Stüber, features works by Cyrill Lachauer and Sebastian Stumpf. Further information.

viennacontemporary 2016
22 – 25 September 2016
Marx Halle Vienna

Dirk Braeckman to represent Belgium at the Venice Biennial 2017

Dirk Braeckman, 27.1/21.7/045/2014, 2014

Next year, Dirk Braeckman will represent Flanders at the 57th Venice Biennial. The exhibition in the pavilion will be curated by Eva Wittocx, General Coordinator of M-Museum Leuven. Further information.

Dirk Braeckman – Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin

Dirk Braeckman, 27.1/21.7/024/2014, 2014, Gelatin silver print reversible mounted on aluminium, 180 x 120 cm

The exhibition “Capital: Debt – Territory – Utopia” revolves around Joseph Beuys’s pioneering work “The Capital Space 1970–1977” and features the work “27.1/21.7/024/2014” (2014) by Dirk Braeckman. The exhibition can be seen through 6 November 2016 at the Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin. Further information.

Brian O’Doherty – PS1, New York

Brian O'Doherty, Redux, Rope Drawing #19, Installation view, Courtesy MoMA PS1, Photo: Pablo Enriquez

The exhibition “Forty” at PS1 features one of Brian O’Doherty’s early rope drawings from 1976. The show can be seen through 29 August 2016. Further information.

Art Brussels 2016

Margrét H. Blöndal, Untitled, 2015, Watercolor, olive oil on paper, 44.5 x 34.5 cm

The gallery will present works by Joachim Bandau, Margrét H. Blöndal and Marcel Frey at Art Brussels.
Brussels, 21 – 24 April 2016
Further information.

Marcel Frey – Regionale 16

Marcel Frey, Regionale 16, The Given and the Made, Installation view, Kunstverein Freiburg, 2015, Photo: Marc Doradzillo

Regionale 16 features works by Marcel Frey at the Kunstverein Freiburg and the Projektraum M54 in Basel.

Dirk Braeckman – Artforum Online

The current show of works by Dirk Braeckman has been reviewed by Louisa Elderton for Artforum online. Read more here.
The exhibition can be seen until 30 January 2016. Winter break from 20 December 2015 to 8 January 2016.

Brian O’Doherty – Kupferstich-Kabinett Dresden, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin

Brian O'Doherty, Duchamp Boxed, 1968, Electrocardiographic tracing, cardboard box, 3 x 10 x 5.5 cm

The exhibition „Disegno – The art of drawing for the 21st century“, curated by Michael Hering, at the Kupferstich-Kabinett Dresden features Brian O’Doherty’s work „Duchamp Boxed“. The exhibition can be seen through 29 March 2016. Further information.
At the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin “A Few Free Years: From Absalon to Zobernig” features two pieces from the same body of work. Further information.

Brian O’Doherty at S.M.A.K. in Ghent

Brian O'Doherty, Installation view, S.M.A.K., Ghent, Photo: Dirk Pauweis/SMAK

Through 11 October 2015 works by Brian O’Doherty can be seen at S.M.A.K. in Ghent. S.M.A.K. selected several works form the 1960s and 70s of Brian O’Doherty for a cabinet exhibition. Further information.

Sebastian Stumpf – Kunstverein Gera

Sebastian Stumpf, Performance #32, 2015, Kunstverein Gera, Installation view

The exhibition “Werkbetrachtung” at the Kunstverein Gera features works by Sebastian Stumpf, VALIE EXPORT, Bruce Nauman and Florian Slotawa. The exhibition can be seen from 26 June to 29 August 2015. The opening reception will be held on Thursday, 25 June 2015, 7.30pm. Further information.

Marcel Frey – Bruch & Dallas, Cologne

Bruch & Dallas presents a solo exhibition of Marcel Frey in Cologne. The exhibition can be seen from 20 June to 18 July 2015. The opening reception will be held on Friday, 19 June 2015 at 7pm. Further information.

Cyrill Lachauer – Villa Aurora

Cyrill Lachauer is currently a fellow at Villa Aurora in Los Angeles. Further information.

Post-Studio Tales – Book Launch, 2 May

On Saturday, 2 May the printed catalogue documenting Post-Studio Tales, published by Textem Verlag will be launched. The lauch will be hosted by Something Fantastic.

On view will be a wall drawing by Friedemann Heckel, and Something Fantastic’s Elena will be serving variations of Caipirinhas and Sake drinks. Further information.

Something Fantastic
Leipziger Straße 61, 10117 Berlin
2 May 2015, 5pm till late

Art Brussels

The gallery shows works by Joachim Bandau, Laetitia Gendre and Sebastian Stumpf at Art Brussels, Booth 3A-21.
Brussels, 25 – 27 April 2015.
Further information.

Seiichi Furuya – Kunsthaus Dresden und GfZK Leipzig

Seiichi Furuya, Dresden 1984

Kunsthaus Dresden (Was wir sehen. Dresden 1984-1985), Technische Sammlungen Dresden (Gravitation) and GfZK Leipzig (Erinnerung-Kontrolle) present three solo exhibitions of Seiichi Furuya opening on 1 April and 10 April 2015. Please click on the venues for more information.

Cyrill Lachauer – Book Launch, 13 March, 19h

Cyrill Lachauer’s new book “Full Service” documents his most recent work, in which he examines myths of the American West, Las Vegas and its promise of wealth and the Native American Ghost Dance movement.
Please join us to have a look at the book and to enjoy Cyrill’s Old Fashioned drink on Friday 13 March, 19h, at Galerie Thomas Fischer.

Joachim Bandau – Artforum

Joachim Bandau’s exhibition “Figures and Machines” has been reviewed by Astrid Mania for Artforum, February 2015. More information.

Cyrill Lachauer – Museum Villa Stuck

Cyrill Lachauer is a new artist in the gallery’s program.
Born in 1979 he studied film at HFF Munich and cultural anthropology before studying at UDK Berlin with Lothar Baumgarten. Further information.
Museum Villa Stuck, Munich, now presents Cyrill Lachauer’s first museum’s exhibition, entitled “Full Service”. The opening reception will be held on Wednesday, 14 January 2015, 7pm. Further information.

Joachim Bandau – Edition

For his solo exhibition Joachim Bandau will be offering a limited edition piece entitled “Kabinen-Mobil, Stehen (Arbeitssituation)”, 1973/2014.
Joachim Bandau presented his “Kabinen-Mobile“ in the “Utopian Design“ section of documenta 6 (1977). These wheeled objects moved independently, driven by windshield-wiper motors; their forms derived from abstractions of bodily postures like sitting, standing, or reclining. Bandau had developed these sheet-steel sculptures during a 1973 residency at Mercedes-Benz in Sindelfingen.

Kabinen-Mobil, Stehen (Arbeitssituation), 1973/2014
Fine art gallery print
signed and numbered
40 x 30 cm
Ed. 25 (+5AP)
– unframed –
€ 600,- (incl. Vat, excl. Shipping)

Friedemann Heckel – Miami

The group show 24/7 organized by Alex Bacon & Harrison Tenzer for Rail Curatorial Projects features works by Friedemann Heckel. The opening reception will be held on 3 December, 6-9pm at Monte Carlo, 6551 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach. Further information.
And please join the pre-release party of the Riot of Perfume Magazine on 4 December, 5-8pm, featuring a series of drawings by Friedemann Heckel. At Secret Sixteen Gallery, 25 SW 2nd Avenue, Miami. Further information.

Laetitia Gendre – Magazine of Kulturstiftung des Bundes

The current magazine of the Federal Cultural Foundation features drawings by Laetitia Gendre. Each issue is dedicated to one artist’s work. Further information.

Joachim Bandau – Welt am Sonntag

Marcus Woeller wrote on Joachim Bandau in “Welt am Sonntag”, 9 November 2014. Read more.

Joachim Bandau – Sculpture Center, New York

The exhibition “Puddle, pothole, portal” at the Sculpture Center, New York features works by Joachim Bandau. The exhibition can be seen through 5 January 2015. Further information.

Dirk Braeckman – Le Bal, Paris

Le Bal presents the first major solo exhibition of Dirk Braeckman in France. The exhibition can be seen from 7 November 2014 to 4 January 2015. Further information.

Friedemann Heckel – Kapelle Ried

Friedemann Heckel is part of a group of artists, architects, designers and filmmakers who some years ago came upon the idiosyncratic idea of building a chapel. In Fall 2014 the chapel will be completed and opened with a festival service. Further information.

Seiichi Furuya – Heidelberger Kunstverein

Heidelberger Kunstverein presents the solo exhibition “Wo die Wahrheit liegt” by Seiichi Furuya. The exhibition can be seen from 30 August to 2 November 2014. Along with the exhibition the book “Staatsgrenze” has been published by Spector Books. Further information.

Seiichi Furuya – New book

Between 1981 and 1983, the Japanese photographer Seiichi Furuya, based in Graz, took photographs at the Austrian border towards the former Eastern block nations. In contrast to the media attention devoted to the inner German border and the division of Berlin, Furuya was searching for images in the inconspicuous and at times even idyllic border territories to Hungary, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia. His associations of places and stories form a valuable historical document, shaped by the interplay between the private and the political, between personal view and documentary distance. On occasion of his solo show at the Heidelberger Kunstverein in September 2014 this work will be published — 30 years after its creation — in the form of a book.

Friedemann Heckel – Basis Project Room

The exhibition “Knotted Extensions” features works by Friedemann Heckel and can be see on 17 and 18 May at Basis Project Room in Frankfurt/Main.

Friedemann Heckel – Book presentation

Friedemann Heckel’s new book “You will find me if you want me in the garden” features a series of ink drawings, texts by John Beeson and Daniel Falb and documentation of his recent three-dimensional work. For the presentation Friedemann Heckel created a site-specific wall drawing at the gallery’s office.

Friday 2 May 2014, 19h

Art Brussels 2014

The gallery shows works by Joachim Bandau, Seiichi Furuya and Friedemann Heckel at Art Brussels 2014.

Booth 3C-22
25 – 27 April 2014

Brian O’Doherty

Brian O’Doherty’s new novel, titled “The Crossdresser’s Secret” has been published by Sternberg Press. Further information.
The current German issue of Architectural Digest features Brian O’Doherty’s and Barbara Novak’s house in Todi, Italy. Further information.
And in Art in America Brian O’Doherty presents several new drawings based on visual codes and two pages from his current novel. Further information.

Sebastian Stumpf – Cincinnati, Ohio

The exhibition “Buildering: Misbehaving the City” curated by Steven Matijcio can be seen from 28 February until 18 August 2014 at the Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, Ohio. More information.

Brian O’Doherty – New York

P! and Simone Subal Gallery present a two-venue solo exhibition by Brian O’Doherty. Featuring a range of historical and contemporary work – from early text pieces, semantic sculptures, figurative and conceptual portraits, a new “rope drawing” installation, chess works, and a site-specific, live-streamed performance piece – the exhibition probes the dualisms, linguistic games, and relational approaches that have characterized O’Doherty’s work since the late 1950s. “Connecting the …” explores the tension between the visceral, the sensual, and the bodily in relation to their ongoing transformation into abstract form.
The exhibition can be seen from 2 March to 20 April 2014 at P! and Simone Subal Gallery, New York City. Further information.

Einar Schleef and Seiichi Furuya – Mauer-Mahnmal im Deutschen Bundestag

The exhibition “Die Nacht war ich da, an die Mauer gelehnt” features works by Einar Schleef and photographs by Seiichi Furuya which were taken during his stay in East Berlin between 1985 and 1987. In 1996-1997 Einar Schleef wrote a text about the photographs of Seiichi Furuya from his time in East Berlin entitled “Schwarz Rot Gold” (Black Red Gold). This text will be available to read at the exhibition.
The exhibition can be see through 31 May 2014 at the Mauer-Mahnmal. Further information.

Seiichi Furuya reviewed in Artforum

Seiichi Furuya’s exhibition “I prefer to be on this side” has been reviewed by Eva Scharrer for Artforum (2/2014). More information.

Sebastian Stumpf – Kunsthalle im Lipsiusbau, Dresden

The exhibition “A class of its own: photography as action space” presents a group of younger photographers that has formed around Timm Rautert. His groups of works are compared with pieces by his ex-students, among others Claudia Angelmaier, Viktoria Binschtok, Bernhard Fuchs, Sven Johne, Ricarda Roggan, Adrian Sauer, Sebastian Stumpf, Anett Stuth and Tobias Zielony. It can be seen from 1 February through 18 May 2014 in the Kunsthalle im Lipsiusbau, Dresden. Further information.

Marcel Frey and Sebastian Stumpf at Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung presents an exhibition with this year’s scholars Marcel Frey and Sebastian Stumpf et al. until 10 January 2014, Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm (closed 24 December 2013 to 1 January 2014), Tiergartenstr. 35, Berlin.

Seiichi Furuya – Aperture Magazine

In the winter 2013 issue of Aperture, titled “Photography as you don’t know it”, David Strettell introduces Japanese photographer Seiichi Furuya’s portraits of Christine. Further information.

Artissima – Brian O’Doherty

The gallery participates in Artissima – Back to the Future with a solo presentation by Brian O’Doherty. Further information.

8-10 November 2013

Triple Canopy – Honoring Brian O’Doherty

New York based magazine “Triple Canopy” announces artist and writer Brian O’Doherty as honoree for its fall benefit, which will take place Wednesday, October 30. Further information.

Joachim Bandau – Hamburger Bahnhof

The exhibition “The End of the 20th Century. The best is yet to come”, curated by Eugen Blume and Catherine Nichols is a dialogue with the Marx Collection and features the work “Silbernes Monstrum” (1970-71) by Joachim Bandau. The exhibition can be seen from 14 September 2013 to 27 April 2014. Further information.

abc – art berlin contemporary 2013

The gallery participates in abc – art berlin contemporary 2013 with a solo presentation by Laetitia Gendre.
19 – 22 September 2013

Her new installation “Butterfly” (2013), consists of a row of eight graphite drawings on canvas hung one after the other, on a large metallic structure. The drawings themselves depict views of constructed spaces, all representations of domestic habitats. The spaces are shown as bare arrangements of walls, floors, and stairs. Multiple views into this stratified space are available: from the sides, from the front of the installation, and through the cut-outs made into each drawing. 
While the structure recalls 19th-century paper theaters, the inner logic of the placement of the drawings – from foreground to background – is disturbed by the spatial incoherence and variable scales of the representations. 
Further information.

Olaf Nicolai – Special Edition

Olaf Nicolai’s artist’s book “Girlfriends” (Spector Books) is available in a new special edition, each including a print of a photograph featured in the book. Produced for the exhibition “Double Bound Economies”, the publication refers to the photographic archive of Reinhard Mende.

Olaf Nicolai, Girlfriends (Special edition)
incl. one print of a series of 7
Edition of 3, signed and numbered
ca. 55.5 x 41 cm
€ 150,- incl. VAT, plus shipping

Brian O’Doherty – Kunstmuseum Bayreuth

Brian O’Doherty’s exhibtion “Art as an Argument” can be seen at Kunstmuseum Bayreuth until 13 October 2013.
The exhibition is accompanied by a presentation of Barbara Novak’s and Brian O’Doherty’s collection of American Minimal and Concept Art of the 1960s and 1970s. The show is featuring works by Christo, John Coplans, Marcel Duchamp, Morton Feldman, Dan Graham, Edward Hopper, Peter Hutchinson, Jasper Johns, Les Levine, Sol LeWitt, Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist, Ed Ruscha, George Segal, a.o.

Friedemann Heckel shortlisted for Berlin Art Prize 2013

Friedemann Heckel is shortlisted for the Berlin Art Prize 2013. On 22 June 2013 the prize will be awarded for the first time. The exhibition will take place in a former waterworks in Kreuzberg, Aqua Carre, Lobeckstrasse 30-35. Further information.

Sebastian Stumpf – b-05 Montabaur

The exhibition “1.pers.sing – The artist´s body between self-portrait and performance” features work of Sebastian Stumpf from 26 May to 22 September 2013 at art and design center b-05, Montabaur. Further information.

Dirk Braeckman – F.T.-T.F.-13-2013

For his solo show Dirk Braeckman will be offering a limited edition piece entitled “F.T.-T.F.-13-2013”.

F.T.-T.F.-13-2013, 2013
42 x 29,7 cm (Print size)
Edition of 30
Ultrachrome inkjet print on Japanese rice paper
€ 1.400,- incl. VAT, plus shipping

Brian O’Doherty – Rope Drawing #118

Brian O’Doherty created a site-specific rope drawing for Daimler Contemporary’s new exhibition “Conceptual Tendencies II”. The piece, “Equator”, is number 118 of a series of rope drawings that O’Doherty first began in 1973 in New York. The show can be seen until 22 September 2013.
Further information.

Art Brussels 2013

The gallery shows works by Laetitia Gendre, Brian O’Doherty and Sebastian Stumpf at Art Brussels, First Call.
Booth 3C-06. 
Brussels, 18 – 21 April 2013.
For the fair Brian O’Doherty created a site-specific rope drawing.
Further information.

Seiichi Furuya – SK Stiftung Kultur, Cologne

The exhibition “Ages – Porträts vom Älterwerden” features work of Seiichi Furuya from 22 March to 28 July 2013 at SK Stiftung Kultur, Cologne. Further information.

Sebastian Stumpf – Folkwang Museum Essen – Kunsthalle im Lipsiusbau Dresden

The exhibition “Cairo. Open City” features work of Sebastian Stumpf and Chris Michalski from 2 March to 5 May 2013 at Folkwang Museum, Essen. Further information.

In Dresden the collection of Kunstfonds including work of Sebastian Stumpf can be seen at Lipsiusbau from 1 March to 20 May 2013. Further information.

Brian O’Doherty in Frieze

Brian O’Doherty’s essay “Strolling with the Zeitgeist” has been published in the March issue of Frieze magazine. Read more.


Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung awarded scholarships to Marcel Frey and Sebastian Stumpf.

Brian O’Doherty receives Clark Price

The Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute awarded artist, writer, and critic Brian O’Doherty with the 2012 Clark Prize for Excellence in Arts Writing by recognizing his continuing contributions to the visual arts. Read more.

Sebastian Stumpf – New Offices, Kulturstiftung des Bundes

Sebastian Stumpf’s site-specific video projection “Sleep #3” is now on permanent display at the new offices of the Kulturstiftung des Bundes in Halle (Saale).

B-A-C-H by Joachim Bandau

For his solo show Joachim Bandau will be offering a limited edition piece entitled “B-A-C-H”. The water colour has an edition of 8.

B-A-C-H, 2012
Water colour, Ed. 8, 50 x 35 cm, unframed
Sold out.

Brian O’Doherty – Talk at Frieze Art Fair

Frieze Art Fair London will present a talk with Brian O’Doherty on Thursday, 11 October 2012 at 5pm.
Further information.

Sebastian Stumpf at Wilhelm-Hack-Museum Ludwigshafen

Sebastian Stumpf’s video projection “Bridges” can be seen from 22 September 2012 to 6 January 2013 at Wilhelm-Hack-Museum in Ludwigshafen. Further information.

abc – art berlin contemporary

The gallery participates in abc – art berlin contemporary 2012 with a presentation of works by
Marcel Frey.
13 – 16 September 2012
Further information.

Seiichi Furuya in Frieze d/e

The autumn issue of Frieze d/e features an essay on the photographer Seiichi Furuya by the critic and curator Thibaut de Ruyter. Read more here

Seiichi Furuya at Museum für Photographie Braunschweig

Seiichi Furuya’s solo exhibition “Hätte Wenn Warum” can be seen from 15 June to 19 August 2012 at Museum für Photographie Braunschweig. 
The opening reception will be held on Thursday, 14 June at 7pm. Further information.

Marcel Frey – Panel discussion

A panel discussion on “Zeigen” will take place at Depot Basel with Marcel Frey, Burkhard Meltzer and Judith Seng, hosted by Tido von Oppeln (ZHDK).

Wednesday, 13 June 2012 at 2pm at Depot Basel, Schwarzwaldallee 305 (Erlenmattareal/BLG-Halle), CH-4058 Basel, Switzerland.

Marcel Frey’s exhibition “Post Function” can be seen at Galerie Thomas Fischer from 22 June. Further information.

Sebastian Stumpf in Paris und Hasselt

A new site-specific video projection is on display at Z33’s summer exhibition “Mind the System, Find the Gap” in Hasselt, Belgium. 2 June to 30 September 2012. Further information.

Sebastian Stumpf’s series “Highwalk” is part of the exhibition “wasistdas” at Franklin Azzi Architecture in Paris. 27 May to 9 June 2012. Further information.

Margrét H. Blöndal

An exhibition, entitled “Open; Wait” curated by Chris Fite-Wassilak is featuring works by Silvia Bächli and Margrét H. Blöndal at Reykjavik gallery i8. 19 May to 30 June 2012. Further information.

Brian O’Doherty – Portrait of Marcel Duchamp

For his solo show Brian O’Doherty will be offering a limited edition print entitled “Portrait of Marcel Duchamp, Mounted Cardiogram”. On 4 April 1966 Brian O’Doherty, a qualified medical doctor had invited Marcel Duchamp for dinner and expressed his interest in making a portrait of the French-American artist. With a borrowed electrocardiogram O’Doherty took three readings of the great man’s heartbeat.
The print has an edition of 25.

Brian O’Doherty at Drawing Room

An exhibition, entitled “Graphology” explores a genealogy of automated drawing from a contemporary perspective featuring works by Brian O’Doherty. At Drawing Room, London from 10 May through 30 June 2012. Further information.

Brian O’Doherty – New Book

The German translation of Brian O‘Doherty’s latest book “Studio and Cube” has just been released from the Berlin-based Merve Verlag. Further information.

Sebastian Stumpf at Overbeck-Gesellschaft

A presentation, entitled “Schlaf” at Overbeck-Gesellschaft in Lübeck featuring works by different artists will include a video projection by Sebastian Stumpf. 18 April to 22 April 2012. Further information.

Brian O’Doherty – Lecture at Humboldt University on 11 April

At 7pm on 11 April 2012 Brian O’Doherty will hold a lecture entitled “Duchamp’s Heart and My Multiple Self” at the Berlin Humboldt University (Senatssaal, Unter den Linden 6). The lecture has been organized by Kulturstiftung des Bundes in cooperation with Institut für Kunst- und Bildgeschichte.
Further information.

Laetitia Gendre in Chicoutimi, Québec, Canada

An exhibition entitled ‘Le verbe voir’ features works by Laetitia Gendre made during her residency in Chicoutimi, Canada. The exhibition runs from 14 March to 7 April 2012. Further information.

Laetitia Gendre and Margrét H. Blöndal at Salon Dahlmann

An exhibition at Salon Dahlmann in Berlin-Charlottenburg featuring drawings by different artists will include works by Laetitia Gendre and Margrét H. Blöndal.

Open on Sundays, 26 February and 4 March 2012 from 11 to 6 and by appointment. Further information

Limited Edition Photograph by Seiichi Furuya

For his solo show Seiichi Furuya will be offering a limited edition photograph entitled ‘East Berlin 1986’. The C-Print has an edition of 20.

Seiichi Furuya, East Berlin 1986, C-Print (2011), 17 x 25 cm
€ 500,- incl. VAT, plus shipping

New catalogue of Sebastian Stumpf

To go along with exhibitions of his work at Kunsthalle Schweinfurt and Museum für Photographie Braunschweig Sebastian Stumpf’s new catalogue ‘a way’ has been released, with an essay by Florian Ebner. The book was designed by Nicola Reiter and published by Spector Books.
€ 30,- (plus shipping)

If you would like to purchase the book through the gallery click here.

Sebastian Stumpf at Kunsthalle Schweinfurt

From 21 October 2011 through 12 February 2012 Kunsthalle Schweinfurt is presenting a solo show of Sebastian Stumpf’s work. The exhibition ‘a way’ will feature a selection of the artist’s video projections dating as far back as 2002 presented in a converted indoor swimming hall.

Book presentation of Seiichi Furuya’s ‘Mémoires 1984-1987’

For Seiichi Furuya’s exhibition there will be a presentation of his most recent book ‘Mémoires 1984-1987’ on 18 October 2011. The artist, Maren Lübbke-Tidow (editor in chief of Camera Austria International, Graz) and Florian Ebner (director of Museum für Photographie Braunschweig) will explore the interplay between the private and public, between personal vision and documentary detachment in Seiichi Furuya’s work.

Seiichi Furuya has published five books, all entitled Mémoires and dedicated to the memory of his wife. The first work dates back to 1989. ‘Mémoires 1984-1987’, published in fall 2010, is the last volume in the series. The latter centers around photographs made during the artist’s time in East Germany. In 1996-97 Einar Schleef wrote a piece on these photographs entitled ‘Schwarz Rot Gold’ (Black Red Gold).

Laetitia Gendre at La Fermeture Eclair in Caen, France

From 24 September to 10 December 2011 La Fermeture Eclair in Caen, France is showing works by Laetitia Gendre in a solo exhibition entitled ‘La Détente’.