Sebastian Stumpf – New Book

Sebastian Stumpf, NEBENAN, Steidl, Göttingen, 2021

In the summer of 2021, Kunsthaus Göttingen opened on Düstere Straße in the midst of the dense, historical city center. Sebastian Stumpf explores this structure and its immediate surroundings in his new book NEBENAN. With a fine sense for architectural constellations and a view of everyday details, he lets the art space of the museum enter into dialogue with the surrounding urban environment.

In these photographs, we look at the new building from the windows of the nearby apartments and businesses and from the still empty spaces of the Kunsthaus at what lies opposite. With diverse changes of direction and perspective between public and private spaces, NEBENAN thus investigates the urban symbiosis of half-timbered architecture and concrete, history and modernity. In each image in the 34-part series he shows another facet of this neighborhood, or as Lina Morawetz puts it in her contribution: “Each angle defines a view, the look outward forms the insight, the perspective desire, the wish.”

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