Irmel Kamp – Zink

Galerie Thomas Fischer will be presenting Irmel Kamp’s exhibition „Zink“ at Soy Capitán from 7 March until 11 April. The exhibition will be on view at Soy Capitán, Prinzessinnen- strasse 29 in Berlin-Kreuzberg.
For further information call or email us.
+49 30 74 78 03 85


Line in the Sand

„Line in the Sand“ is a group exhibition organised by Bar Am and Galerie Thomas Fischer featuring works by Joachim Bandau, Barak Bar-Am, Micha Bar-Am, Avner Ben-Gal, Marcel Frey, Milo Frielinghaus, Zvi Hecker, Friedemann Heckel, Irmel Kamp and Sebastian Stumpf.

The exhibition takes place at Bar Am, Goethestrasse 2, Berlin-Charlottenburg and is open from Thursday to Saturday, 12-6 pm.


Seiichi Furuya – Andreas Murkudis Store

In collaboration with Andreas Murkudis, Galerie Thomas Fischer will be exhibiting work from the “Mémoires” series by Japanese photographer Seiichi Furuya.


To eggs and other shells

“To eggs and other shells” associatively combines artistic works around the leitmotif of a vessel or container. A sculpture, a piece of furniture, a room, an architecture, or an idea: they all engage in a relationship with the human body or are part of an action and/or a process. They also interrogate classical artistic forms or the relationship between a utility object and an art object.

With works by Joachim Bandau, Charlotte Dualé, Konstantin Grcic, HC, Aglaia Konrad, Federico Maddalozzo, Thomas Schütte and Kathrin Sonntag.