Joachim Bandau

Joachim Bandau (born in 1936) created a series of mobile sculptures made from fiberglass since the late 1960’s. These futurist-organic figures resemble a hybrid of man, machine, and design-object and culminate in his “Kabinen-Mobile“ which he presented at documenta 6 in 1977.
Bandau’s lacquer works and his black watercolor paintings produced since 1983 both exploit the principle of layering. For his black watercolor works, he applies washes of strongly diluted paint in several layers onto heavy handmade-paper. Each individual layer is transparent and nearly invisible. The black and red sculptural wall objects are coated with a special lacquer in Burma.

Joachim Bandau lives in Aachen and Stäfa, Switzerland.

Black watercolor, 2007, 176 x 126 cm
Telephone, 1967/2013, chrome-plated bronze | 1/2
Installation view, Galerie Thomas Fischer, 2012
Lacquer work, 2010
Lacquer work, 2011
Installation view, Galerie Thomas Fischer, 2012
Black watercolor, 2012, 92 x 72 cm
Installation view, Neues Museum Nuremberg, 2010
Kabinen-Mobile, 1973
Mannequin, 1974
Silbernes Monstrum, 1970/71
Lacquer work, 2011