Joachim Bandau – Black Watercolors

Galerie Thomas Fischer presents an exhibition of Joachim Bandau’s watercolors in collaboration with ANDREAS MURKUDIS.

While Joachim Bandau has been making black watercolor paintings since the early 1980s, the works in this exhibition originated later across a time span of fifteen years from 2003 until 2018. There is something particular to the selected works, not only in terms of scale but moreover in how space is produced by the artist’s painting procedure. Whilst the earlier works from the 1980s have a rougher and more expressive touch, the focus here lies on a decisive delineation of space and perspective and the way the grey rectangular surfaces are superimposed on top of each other, offering the viewer a deepening black space.

The exhibition is on view at ANDREAS MURKUDIS, Potsdamer Straße 77 in Berlin-Tiergarten. Opening hours: Wed-Sat, 11-6 pm.