Laetitia Gendre - The fake, the fold and the erased

In her second exhibition at Galerie Thomas Fischer Laetitia Gendre is showing a hand-drawn, photographed and printed film poster, a low wall made of (fake) concrete blocks, footage of an industrial machine breaking down, stills from imaginary films, and the outlines of Aby Warburg’s Mnemosyne Atlas like so many clues in a paper chase where the smallest common denominator would appear to be forgery and paper.

The show has been reviewed by Heidi Ballet for Le Salon. Further information.

Press release (PDF)
Pressetext (PDF)
B story IV/hands, 2014, Graphite drawing on paper, 42 x 37 cm | 2/3
B story II/medusa, 2014, Graphite drawing on paper, 41 x 36 cm | 3/3