Marcel Frey – abc art berlin contemporary

The gallery participates in abc – art berlin contemporary 2012 with a presentation of works by Marcel Frey.


Marcel Frey – Post Function

In his work Marcel Frey (born in 1980) places focus on items of everyday use as well as on “design” objects. The things found by him already possess a form before they become part of his works. By drawing on and reacting to found items Frey examines the question of methods of artistic production and decision making. He alters the items by repurposing, painting over, replicating or creating casts of them. In his exhibitions he composes ensembles or interiors that explore the interaction of the objects as a single unit and that illustrate the artistic potential of the items found in our surroundings.


Brian O’Doherty – From Electrocardiogram to Rope Drawing

Since the publication of his essay “Inside the White Cube” in 1976 Brian O‘Doherty has been a key figure in the discourse around the presentation forms of contemporary art. The exhibition “From Electrocardiogram to Rope Drawing” has been conceived to make a representative selection of Brian O‘Doherty’s multi-faceted oeuvre accessible in Germany for the first time. Along with his series “Portrait of Marcel Duchamp”, drawings, prints and various other objects will be shown, all demonstrating the importance of the line in O‘Doherty’s work. For the exhibition Brian O‘Doherty will also create a special installation, a so-called “Rope Drawing”.

Curators: Boris Hars-Tschachotin, Thomas Fischer



Photography has always been a medium of doubt. Where is the boundary between oneself and the other? Where does the border lie, where can it be reinforced, where can it be erased? The group exhibition “Private” features works that distance themselves from the familiar and embrace the unknown. Pictures of objective conquest, family therapy, brief intimacy and political or private mission are created on the street, at home and in the indeterminate locations in between. At times everything is revealed at once, at times almost nothing at all.

With works by Dirk Braeckman, Seiichi Furuya, Jacob Holdt, Larry Sultan, Mette Tronvoll and Tobias Zielony.
Curator: Martin Germann