I dreamed I was leaving on a trip but I forgot my money – Works from the Kasper Koenig Collection

“I dreamed I was leaving on a trip but I forgot my money” serves as a leitmotif of sorts for this exhibition that offers insight into Kasper König’s private collection. The curator never saw himself as a collector, and yet he gathered works of all kinds over the decades: souvenirs and spontaneous purchases, Jahresgaben, exchanged works, and the odd present. In this collection, which emerged en passant, his preference for the conceptual encounters works sometimes with a bizarre sense of humor; unknown artists are placed alongside now established ones. Behind these pictures and objects, which are closely linked to his biography and companions along the way, there are countless tales to be told. The work by Jonathan Borofsky that lends the exhibition its title refers to a moment of conceptual new beginnings and being on the road. By keeping open where the journey might lead, the title also stands for openness and curiosity, which has always been the inspiration for Kasper König and his work.

Curated by Thomas Fischer and Andreas Prinzing

Image: SUSI POP, Male Beauty Nr. 2, 1992

Welt am Sonntag



Cee Cee


De Witte Raaf


Hans-Peter Feldmann, Michael Reiter
Edward Kienholz
John Ahearn
Installation view
Installation view
Tony Matelli, Thomas Schütte, Marko Lehanka, Marcus Weber
Installation view
Hans-Peter Feldmann, Michael Reiter, H.C. Westermann, Edward Kienholz, Marcus Weber
Raoul de Keyser
Marcus Weber, H.C. Westermann, Stefan Müller, Jef Geys
Tony Matelli
Stefan Müller
Irmel Kamp
Tobias Rehberger, Andreas Siekmann
Thomas Schütte, Friederike Feldmann, Jürgen Drescher/Reinhard Mucha, Richard Artschwager