Sebastian Stumpf
Fence, 2014

40 x 50 cm
Edition of 20 +2AP

€ 600,00 (incl. Vat, excl. framing and shipping)

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Sebastian Stumpf’s photographical series “Fences” has been realized during his residency at the Villa Aurora in Los Angeles.

“A human being is located in urban surroundings. The city is huge and apocalyptic – rundown parking lots, modern residential architecture, palms, and many fences indicate extremes of escapism and solipsism in nature, culture, and politics. Los Angeles is the urban dialectic par excellence, as Quinn Latimer writes in California Dreaming…”
Lina Leonore Morawetz, Zen For Hand

Sebastian Stumpf, Fence, 2014
Sebastian Stumpf, Fence, 2014