Irmel Kamp
Tel Aviv (House Habkind), 1990/2017

Gelatin silver print, Baryta Paper
24 x 30 cm
Edition of 25 +5AP

€ 650,00 (incl. Vat, excl. framing and shipping)

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For over four decades Irmel Kamp has been photographing architecture, conducting long-term research projects focused on a single style or region. One of her most substantial bodies of work: Modern Architecture in Tel-Aviv 1930-1939, is the result of a five-year research encompassing more than 600 buildings, realized by Kamp between 1987-1993. It composes an archeology of sorts of a local “International Style”. Rather than depicting “machines for living in” – Le Corbusier’s seminal maxim – the buildings in Irmel Kamp’s photographs are distinctly “lived-in” and not quite so mechanic, imbued with a sense of place and time and a poetics of presence. (Boaz Levin)

Irmel Kamp, Tel Aviv (House Habkind), 1990/2017
Irmel Kamp, Tel Aviv (House Habkind), 1990/2017