Seiichi Furuya – New Book

In 2018, Seiichi Furuya found several rolls of Super 8 film in his attic. One of them was filmed during the very first trip he took with his later wife Christine a few weeks after they had met, a visit to Bologna in 1978. In an attempt to remember a trip that he had completely forgotten about, Seiichi Furuya started extracting stills from the film, frame by frame. These images make up his new series “First Trip to Bologna 1978”. In this new book, a newly edited version of “Last Trip to Venice 1985” (2002) is being published alongside the new series. Further information.

Seiichi Furuya
First Trip to Bologna 1978/Last Trip to Venice 1985
Published by Chose Commune
Softcover otabind
16.5 x 24.4 cm
192 pages, 122 film stills, 39 photographs
ISBN 979-10-96383-29-0

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